January 2016

Happy Holidays from YesBoss!

Take a moment to enjoy this Santa Moment, brought to you by Adult Swim. We had a lot of fun creating using a mixed media approach & hope you like it too. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a boss new year!


Samurai Jack Promo

Making headlines with "Jack is back!" this promo got over 8.5 million views on Facebook alone. 

Destruction Unit

Drawing inspiration from old punk fliers, we gave Destruction Unit's "Negative Feedback Resistor" album release a different feel. The best part? It's 8 tracks & all for free. 

Lord Raja

We had a great time doing all hand drawn illustration to promote the release of Lord Raja's new album "Para".

Animate Your Life

Through the story of SSG Thomas, the U.S. Army reminds us they are made up of more than just soldiers.